Saturday, June 18, 2011

9th June, 2011- Advaita's first day at school

9th June, 2011 will be etched in our book of history as the day that begins Adi's long journey into the world of education. A moment of pride and anguish in almost every parents life.

PRIDE that your little swaddled package of love is now stepping out to win the world with his new found skills and ANGUISH because now you will have to emotionally cut that umbilical chord for good!

Getting ready for school
 The day preceded with almost a week of excitement getting ready for school. As for Adi, he was still not sure what exactly this meant; other than the fact that Mumma seemed to be planning something really special for him. Everyday would introduce him to some new acquisition...a Noddy School Bag one day, followed by a Pooh Bear tiffin set with matching bottle on the other and school uniform sets from 'New Big School' on another new day.

Oblivious to what was about to come in as a rude shock, all Adi did was to shout out with glee 'mera new BIG schoon' (my new "BIG' school) every time we crossed path with our 'soon to be' frequented destination! Today it's exactly the opposite...we detest the sight of school!!! :(

As we got closer to the 9th I could be termed 'crazy'. Obsessed with school socks, tiffin idea's and almost everything 'school-like' thoughts flooding my mind. Perhaps I was living my own 'back to school' post vacation day's with Adi.

Orientation at the school happened on the 8th and both Satya n me went over in our crispest best. We were handed over the school diary and the rules. Such a nostalgic feeling to have. Had opened a school diary after almost 2 decades ago. :D Just dawned how long back we went to school! Some things just don't change.

8th felt like a day of celebrations! My family gathered that evening looking through all of Adi's preparation. So much excitement around and all that my little baby did was to participate with higher levels of innocent enthusiasm.

All set to face the new challenges

9th we had a fabulous start to the day. Breakfast had early. Lunch happened at 11AM. Earlier than normal as he goes to afternoon school. Pasta packed for his tiffin break. Crisp new uniform worn. Happy family all set to drive to the new challenge ahead. Prayed at the alter at home before setting out, a ritual we all follow at home and one that Adi enjoys the most.

Now begins the numbing experience for our little boy. We landed up 10 minutes prior to school time. Full of parents, grand parents, escorts, etc. At the main gate Adi was greeted by his grand parents (my folks). Adi's face was beaming the moment he saw them and just when he was about to leap with glee he pulled back. He encountered a hysteric fellow batch mate. Suddenly the smile faded out and then came in the 'constant frown' look on Adi's face. Silently he kept observing all the children around him in an utter state of confusion. Even having his buddies from back home didn't seem to be entertaining anymore. My folks and us kept making jocular statements to bring him back to some good spirits...all in vain!

The big bell rang. All of us began proceeding towards the class. I was closely followed by Satya and my parents. Adi clutched onto my hand like he just wouldn't ever let go. I was so sure he was feeling sick of everything around him, mother's instinct perhaps! Near the class the children were being led in until a set of wails were let out and then began the mayhem. Suddenly all the kids were getting snatched from their parents and gathered inside the classrooms by a set of butchers er... teachers while the anxious parents scrambled to take a final look before leaving the lil ones behind. I wanted to run back with Adi...waited till all the chaos outside subsided before I finally gathered some courage to drop him in. Knocked on the response. Did that response. Just when I was about to turn back to leave the door opened and like a studio live in recording came the sound of despair from the little almost 3 year old! I was silently weeping too....and even before I knew Adi was in his class and the door banged on my face. All I could hear then was the supervisor's voice...'PARENTS, LEave NOW!'....How could we?
End of Day-1 at school

Thankfully I had my mother with me and we decided to wait a bit before leaving. Satya and my Dad left for their respective places of work while a large set of parents decided to hang around the place. We spent considerable amount of time hovering around the school and finally decided to break for lunch at a restaurant near by so that we could be in time to pick him up.

Back to the warmth of the familiar world

Painfully we inched closer to 2:30. I was early and was the first mother to sweep my little baby off his feet the moment it struck home time. All looked well. Rushed out with him into the open air. All I could recall is little mumbles from Adi.

Settled is what I recall having said to myself. No red eye's, my baby didn't cry. Was too early to exclaim. Advaita came home in a fresh set of clothes from school...he didn't cry but he VOMITED!

Long journey ahead my boy...while his vomiting bouts have closed crying every morning before leaving has become a ritual.

Care free weekend for my bunddle of joy!

Hoping that soon we will both be as happy as we were before the nightmare actually hit us! Wish our systems of acclimatisation become a little more child friendly. This aspect was just the way any of us began school almost 3 decades back. What happens to advancement??? 

Leaves me wondering, are we a progressive society or is regression the only way to be? 'Tried and tested' needs some 'child friendly innovation' now!

Thank God we have the weekend to helps us live our cocooned life for at least 2 days in the week! So much for our need to grow up soon!!! :D
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