Monday, July 25, 2011

Real Life, Real Emotion @ 3

This weekend ( July 23rd / July 24th, 2011, Adi and me spent a lot of time together. Picking vegetables, flowers, having a hair cut, being out in the rain with his umbrella and getting reprimanded by him for not having taken him to the temple. It was shut by the time we got out on Sunday.

After coming home, we sat on the bench near our house, enjoying the breeze, and I mentioned to him that "Adi, I enjoyed the time I spent with you....."

8 minutes later, with his head on my lap and looking at the sky, he says " Papa....I also enjoy my time spent with you....."

Sounds filmy but true. Don't know how much it means to him or his understanding of what he said. For me it was a time really well spent.


  1. Activity Office - yes this is what Adi calls his creche'. And that is a term of endearment. For e hates being left alone by Mumma. So he humors himself saying " Jaise Papa office jaate hain, main Activity Office jata hun!"

  2. :) It has been the most difficult decision making for Adi's Mumma too...
    I feel so miserable doing this but also believe that it is perhaps time for Lil A to truly conquer the world.
    Our lil BIG boy has a long challenging life ahead and I am so proud of the way he has transitioned from the 'cacoon of home' to a life at the day care.
    I love you my little bunny. You make us so proud!


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